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The goal of being born a human is to attain salvation as per the philosophy of Jainism. Thus in every aspect of life, the aim is to raise the level of consciousness. In Jain culture, music is not only a form of entertainment but is also a path to spirituality. Therefore classical music with its compositions, ragas, verses etc. were put together in such a way that compelled the listener to get engrossed in them, helping attain a meditative state. If you've ever seen someone deeply immersed in music you will notice that they take on a saintly countenance.

With this thought in mind The Jain Foundation has launched Jain Melody for Devotional Songs, Stuti, Stavan and Sajjhayas. Original compositions by The Jain Foundation, Nandprabha Palitana and many acclaimed singers will be available here to help you delve into yourself.