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A Guru or spiritual guide is very important in Jainism. Gurus give the right direction in life. All Jain religious rituals are performed in the presence of the Guru, be it Pratishtha Mahotsav, Diksha Mahotsav, Chhari Palit Sangh, Upadhan Tapa or any other event of relevance in the Jain community.

Jain Muni aims to delve into the lives of Jain ascetics as well as provide information related to the Chaturmas locations of all the Monks and Nuns from the different sects. These are Shwetambar, Murtipujak, Sthanakwasi, Terapanthi and Digambar. This information has been compiled from the directory published by Gajendra Sandesh who has been working tirelessly for the last 42 years to compile this Chaturmas list. The Jain Foundation is grateful and deeply indebted to him. The contact details may be used to reach the Monks and Nuns who are our spiritual guides.