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Jain Talks is an initiative created to explore, introspect and debate on the Spiritual and Philosophical aspects of Jainism. Jainism has an international appeal and is an extremely versatile religion even though it has got lost in the winds of time.

To further this end, we have conducted more than 131+ talks with speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Scholars, Corporate giants, Economist and Humble priests have shared their knowledge with our 14,000+ members to gain insight into the ancient and complex way of life that is Jainism. The topics cover a wide range of subjects from philosophy, religion, rituals, devotion, education, motivation as well as art and architecture. This adds a dimension to understand and spread the philosophy of a religion that existed since time immemorial from the first Thirthankara Rishabhdev and is still immensely relevant today. A philosophy refined, refreshed and reintroduced by Mahavira 2600 years ago.

We believe that dialogue and discussion is a great way to build bridges between people of different cultures, attitudes, languages and religions. Through Jain Talks we seek to rediscover the ancient practices of Jainism, to understand their evolution, development and meaning. We often find that teachings encompassed in Jainism are backed by strong morality and ethics.

Jain Talks has hosted erudite speakers like Shri Arvind Panagariya, Ex-Vice Chairman, Niti Ayog, who spoke about Economics, Jainism and Family. His optimism for India's future is bright and he also shared excerpts from a biography written by him on his father - 'The Extra-ordinary life of an Ordinary man'.

D. R. Mehta, Jaipur Foot on Compassion in Jainism and how Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti had uplifted the lives of thousands of disabled people; Dr. Shobha Varthaman, proud mother of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman and a renowned surgeon in her own right spoke on the Tamil Jains. Darshan Mehta, President and CEO of Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) discoursed on Jainism in Work Life.

Jainism as per the 2011 census data is practised by less than 1% of India's population. Most school books mention Jainism as an off shoot of Hinduism. Jain Talks have broken some myths by highlighting the mention of the first Jain Tirthankara Rishabhdev in the Vedas or Tamilnadu & Karnataka being high seats of Jain religion once upon a time. Evident through Temple architecture and excavations. Jain Talks is also a great platform to learn about Jainisms' contribution to the Nation, Jain philosophy which is a cornerstone of Jainism, the world's first University for women in the 9th Century CE, Rishabhdeva the first thirthankara educating his daughters before his sons, the Digambar point of view on women attaining Moksha or the great Jaina Queens and many more interesting details.

Some of the Jain Talks have dealt with modern day issues like ecology, family, depression, veganism, education, Corona Pandemic etc.

This on going initiative aims to keep expanding and covering topics close to Jainism through the lens of anthropology, economics, science, history, sociology, minimalism, theology and many others.