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Pilgrimage to holy places has great importance in Jain tradition. Jains have therefore built many temples at pilgrimage spots. For Jains it is not only the birth places of Thirthankaras, but also where they were initiated, where they obtained Keval Gyan and where they achieved final salvation, all hold a great deal of significance. Areas in and around these spots also become sacred for the devotees and are collectively called Tirtha. Hence temples built at pilgrimage spots become the center for the Jain faith.

Thousands of Jain temples have been built all over India as well as in many other parts of the world. The history and events related to these ancient temples have many interesting stories which inspires devotees to visit them.

During Paryushan 2020 a small effort was made by The Jain Foundation to bring Chaitya Paripati via the digital platform to its viewers by highlighting the history and significance associated with these traditions.

Jain Yatra is an attempt to brings to you documented legends, history, traditions, art and architecture of Jain temples in India and overseas.